Considerations before buying Spray painting booths

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Modern manufacturing has gained significantly from spray booths that help in cost –effective productivity. These are designed to cater to nearly all manufactured items from tiny plastic components to large assembly lines and semi trucks as well as intricate furniture. Apart from streamlining production, the spray booths also ensure the critical safety of the workers and the environment surrounding the workspace, controlling contamination, spill over of hazardous material and several other related health issues


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There are three distinct configurations in spray booths, each of them engineered to address specific applications. Open faced booths with two side walls and a back wall and a ceiling to provide exhaust is the popular variant for woodworking, furniture finishing and an array of small components. The next variant is non-pressurised booths that are fully closed with a single or multiple doors to accommodate different sizes of material requiring finishing, and it is used in automotive refinishing, metal work, fibreglass and a range of similar industries. The third classification is pressurised booths similar to the non-pressurized booths in size and shape. However, this variant adjusts the volume of air inside the booth making it marginally more positive. This variant finds application in automotive manufacturing as well as refinishing sectors, electronics and similar components that need a clean environment.

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A major advantage with spray booths is that it minimises risks for the workforce from exposure to primers, thinners, biocides, base coats, varnishes, adhesives, solvent-based colourants, and similar material employed in the process of painting. More importantly, these booths also significantly reduce possibilities of the explosion which is a major concern for processes relying on various chemicals. Further, all these advantages are accompanied by prevention of airborne particles and debris from interfering with the work area and potentially impacting pristine finish.

Buying spray booths

Major considerations while buying spray booths include air quality, finish type, usage, sizing and price. Even at the lower end, a spray booth calls for significant investment. Therefore, some people are tempted to look at buying used equipment. But, it is necessary to remember that buying used machinery and buying a used spray both are not the same. This is because of some of the DIY hazards that come with used spray booths. Most of the used equipment that comes to the market has been in use for a fair length of time. On the contrary, a new spray booth such as the ones available at Plaza Water Treatment Services comes with manufacturer’s warranty, documentation and permit compliance. Remember also that in the absence of documentation, obtaining permits could pose significant hurdles for you.

Challenges with used booths

Spray booths are made out of thin metal panels, and when you consider the electrical wiring, mechanical components and exhaust vents in used booths, you will need and qualified and experienced professional to set up a used booth. If some of the components are damaged in transit, the chances are that you would never be able to use the entire booth.

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